Video Diary Workshop english

online weekend workshop


Ort: Online

Gebühr: 1 Workshop 260,-€

Zeiten: Saturday 10 a.m. – 18 p.m. / Sunday 10 a.m. – 18 p.m.

Part 02 Family Affairs

Attention: Every Workshop works as a Stand-Alone.

Those, who combine several workshops into a series, receive a discount.

No 02: Family Affairs                               12+13. September 2020
No 03: Love, Desire and Loneliness           10.+11. October 2020
No 04: The Power of Angriness                 07.+08. November 2020
No 05: Dreamscapes                                05.+06. December 2020
No 06: Body - Enemy or Temple?               16.+17. January 2021
No 07: Survival                                        13.+14. February 2021
No 08: Distance: Inner and Outer Spaces   13.+14. March 2021
No 09: Conspiracies and Fake News            10.+11. April 2021
No 10: Forbidden fruit                              08.+09. May 2021
No 11: Crisis or Chance?                            05.+06. June 2021
No 12: Visions: the world after?                 14.+15. August 2021
No 02 Family Affairs
"Whether we want it to or not, we are shaped by our families. For many of us, these relationships became more intense during the lockdown, in both positive and negative ways. Some could no longer see their parents, worry and miss them terribly. Whilst others are under one roof with their family members, just wishing for a moment of peace and solitude. Use the workshop to get into dialogue or find a way to abstractly deal with questions and feelings regarding your family."
What we’ve been experiencing since the lockdown in March 2020 was in some way extreme for each of us. The artistic processing of existential experiences can have a cathartic effect. As we go into each experience with an artistic perspective, it creates a kind of distance that enables us to express the unspeakable. Through smartphones, a wider range of people have become today’s filmmakers. Over the Internet, videos are constantly being published, shared and commented on. This workshop will guide you to focus this impulse into an artistic form.

We work with precisely these technical means that everyone has at their disposal: The smartphone. Editing programs are not necessary, because with a good concept alone, the videos can be filmed within only one shot.

The documentary filmmaker and lecturer Maja Classen will guide, coach and moderate your filmic journey, wherein every month a video diary of 1-3 minutes is created. Those who book all 12 workshops will conclude the year with a video diary consisting of 12 chapters.

- The Video Diary / Autobiographical Filmmaking
- Authorship and narrative perspective
- Short film forms
- Poetic and experimental film forms
- How to find ideas
- Visual Storytelling & Visual Research
- Filming in one shot
- Handling the smartphone camera, camera app
- Exchange within the group / networking
- Personal mentoring in your own project
Writers*, filmmakers*, artists*, editors*, journalists* and all* who want to sharpen and practice their eye for personal, poetic and experimental narrative styles. No previous knowledge is required.
- You will sharpen your personal perspective and express it from artistic, experimental and poetic audio-visual narrative forms.
- You will learn to reach a universal relevance from your own personal story.
- You will learn to create artistic and professional videos with simple technical means (smartphone).
- You will learn serial, diary-like storytelling
- You will create your own videos and document a period of your
- You will learn from other course participants and exchange creative ideas.
Saturday: 10-18h
Sunday: 10-18h
Both days are structured by alternating between online meetings, practical exercises and individual coaching.
Maximum 8 participants
Maja Classen lives and works in Berlin, as a freelance filmmaker, documentary tutor, dramaturg, mentor and a mother of two children. She studied Directing at the Film University Babelsberg (formerly HFF Konrad Wolf) and has made four full-length documentaries, several short films and radio features. Within her works she deals with personal narratives and experimental and hybrid forms. Her works have been awarded, broadcasted on television, radio and presented in international film festivals. Her focal themes are on musical and youth subcultures, social and interpersonal issues. Her work is influenced by the Cinéma Verité and is driven by her own curiosity, her passion for people’s stories and devoted to searching for answers. Teaching and mentoring are as much a passion for Maja as filmmaking itself.